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CATALOG : Orchestral Choral Chamber Dramatic

Choral Music - Music for Chorus and Choir

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larger choral works

The Half-Bird

Children's Chorus, Soloists, Ensemble.
60 minutes
A fantasy children's opera about a mythical bird and two children who accidentally find themselves in ancient Persia.
#0084 Full Score $80.00
#0085 Vocal Score $20.00
#0086 Rental Parts $220.00

Lovelife Dances

SATB, piano 4-hands.
25 minutes
The Liebeslieder for the 21st century: Love, life, and lovelife in dance rhythms. Six centuries of English poetry, Geoffrey Chaucer through James Merrill. A major work now available for scheduling. "Musically there is only this to say: this is beautiful music" "... All in all, I'm in love with the work."
#0351 Score $8.95
#0352 Conductor Score $14.95


SATB, Soloists, Orchestra
25 minutes
Twelve movement work structured somewhat like J.S. Bach's Magnificat, with each phrase from the Canticle of Mary treated in a musical picture. As in the Stabat Mater, Mary represents humanity: in this case for the beauty and wonder of the growth of life inside.
#0465 Full Score $32.95
#0466 Vocal Score $14.95
#0465P Parts Rental $120.00
PDF: Full Score Perusal
PDF: Vocal Score Perusal

Marian Motets

SATB, Soloists, Orchestra.
56 minutes
Five settings of Latin texts offering a Life of Mary, from before Christ's birth to after Christ's death. "Magnificat", "O Magnum Mysterium", "Ave Maria", "Ave Regina Caelorum" and "Stabat Mater". Each work is listed separately below, and they are intended to be performed individually as well as in sequence.
Please see individual works for ordering information.

Moses, a Choral Oratorio

SATB, Soloists, Orchestra.
80 minutes
Oratorio of the life of Moses, from a point of view at the end of his life, looking back to the river Nile and down at the river Jordan, which he is not to be allowed to cross.
#0565 Score $48.95
#0566 Vocal Score $18.95

New Lovelife Dances

SATB, piano 4-hands.
28 minutes
More Lovelife Dances. 14 new choral songs with texts from a wide range of English poetry, including Robert Burns, William Shakespeare, and George Elliot, and Christopher Marlowe. Like the first set, "an amazing suite", "passionate, tender, jolly, and wry".
#0420 Score $9.95
#0450 Conductor Score $15.95

Songs from the Book of Knowledge

SSA, Piano
20 minutes
A set of songs for children's chorus and piano. Contains seven songs: 1. Answer to a Child's Question 2. Great Wide Beautiful Wonderful World 3. A Tragic Story 4. My Heart is Like 5. Birds 6. Good-bye 7. The Dance of the Flowers
Please see individual works for ordering information.

Stabat Mater

SATB, Orchestra.
8 minutes
Finale of the Marian motets. Tragic work with a sense of Mary as representative of all humanity.
#0497 Full Score $12.95
#0498 Vocal Score $2.95
#0497P Parts Rental $80.00
PDF: Perusal
mixed chorus SATB

And the Lord Delivered Him

SATB, Orchestra or Piano
2 minutes
When Moses succeeds in battle, he doesn't hold back. ".. and we smote him, and all his people, we left none to remain." A fierce, powerful, rhythmic account of part of the Moses story.

The Animal Fair

3 minutes
Traditional words and melody arranged for chorus, with additional comical lyrics added.
#0419 Score $1.95

Agnus Dei

SAB a cappella
3 minutes
Latin text, combination of renaissance polyphony and flexible modern meter.
#0573 Score $1.75
PDF: Perusal MP4: video score

Ask Me No Reason

3 minutes
A letter from Sir John Falstaff to Mistress Page, from Shakespeare's comedy, The Merry Wives of Windsor.

Ave Maria

3 1/2 minutes
A setting of the traditional Latin text for mixed chorus or double chorus (SSAATTBB)
PDF: Full Score Perusal
#0393 SATB a cappella $2.75
#0537 SSAATTBB orchestra $12.75
#0539 SSAATTBB vocal score $2.75

Ave Regina Caelorum

SATB, Chamber Orchestra (1111-0000-Strings)
SATB, a cappella
4 3/4 minutes
Latin. Lovely full four voice choral texture throughout; middle section contains strict imitation in diminution to beautiful effect. Written to be sung with pure intonation, a cappella or with orchestra or piano.
MP3: Ave Regina Caelorum
M4A: Ave Regina Caelorum
MP4: video score
PDF: Perusal
#0631 SATB a cappella $2.95
#0524 SATB Orchestra Score $22.95
#0519 SATB vocal score $3.25


3 minutes
Short poem by American poet Richard Stoddard, with lovely melodies and scat singing. Relatively easy.
#0252 SATB piano $2.45
MP4: Video Score
PDF: Perusal

Blessed the Gift

3 1/2 minutes
Beautiful offertory or concert piece for organ and chorus. A translation and free adaptation of a benedictus from St. Peter's mass by Stanislaw Moniuszko, 19th century Polish composer. Begins with soprano melody, chorus joins in with an effective but easy organ part.

Come All Ye Good Shepherds

SATB a cappella
ca 2 1/2 minutes
Christmas carol. "To the stable take your presence, be your gift large or small: give Him all."
MP3: Come All Ye Good Shepherds
M4A: Come All Ye Good Shepherds
PDF: A Cappella Perusal
VIDEO: Video Score
#0323 SATB a cappella $1.95

Dance of the Flowers

SATB, Piano
4 minutes
Chorus with piano, optional processional. Poem by Alfred Graves, begins with a list of flower names then progresses through a spring freeze and renewed dancing.
MP3: Dance of the Flowers
M4A: Dance of the Flowers
PDF: Dance of the Flowers
VIDEO: Video Score

Danny Boy

3 minutes
Arrangement for mixed chorus of this sad but beautiful folk melody, the Londonderry Air.

Heart Not So Heavy

SATB a cappella
3 minutes
Poem by Emily Dickinson. Also set by American composer Elliot Carter. A heavy heart cheered by a passing whistler. As if a chirping brook upon a toilsome way set bleeding feet to minuet.
MP3: Heart Not So Heavy
M4A: Heart Not So Heavy
PDF: Perusal
VIDEO: Video Score
#0599-1 SATB a cappella $2.25

I Can See the Lord

4 minutes
A modern spiritual for chorus with coloratura soprano solo and keyboard accompaniment.

It Was a Lover and a Lass

4 minutes
A simple refrain that grows in interest and passion through repetition and vocal variety. 4-hand piano accompaniment.
MP3: It Was a Lover
M4A: It Was a Lover
PDF: Perusal
VIDEO: Video Score

Join Me in the Jumping

2 minutes
Original Christmas carol moving swiftly from "Doloroso" to "Giocoso" in 6/8 time. Piano accompaniment and string orchestra accompaniment available.

Lullaby for Christmas

3 minutes
Beautiful original manger song with a twist, comparing the tears of the baby Jesus to the tears of Mary at the cross. Available for organ or piano with violin solo, and for string orchestra accompaniment.

A Red, Red Rose

3 minutes
Passionate, powerful setting of this familiar text. Available for men's chorus SACTBB or mixed chorus SSATBB
MP3: A Red Red Rose
M4A: A Red Red Rose
PDF: Perusal
#0627 SACTBB a cappella $2.75
#0630 SSATBB a cappella $2.75

O Magnum Mysterium

SATB, Orchestra (1111-0000-Prc-Strings).
4 minutes
Latin. The mystery and sacrament of Christmas. One percussionist with limited battery of orchestral bells and wood block. May be sung a cappella
M4A: O Magnum Mysterium
PDF: Perusal

O My Deir Hert

3 minutes
Setting of an archaic Christmas hymn by the Wedderburn brothers (16th century). Intended to be sung a cappella in just intonation.
MP3: O My Deir Hert
PDF: Perusal
VIDEO: Video Score
#0489 SATB a cappella $2.15

The Oubit

3 minutes
An oubit is a caterpillar, used here as a metaphor for a young poet. Tak' warning, then, young poets, from this poor oubit's shame ... for critics lie, like salmon fry, to mak' their meals of you. Setting of the poem by Charles Kingsley. Fairly easy piano part; revised edition.
PDF: Perusal
VIDEO: Video Score
MP3: The Oubit
M4A: The Oubit
#0405 SATB, piano $2.25

Pentamic Iambeter

3 minutes
A setting of John Donne's "Song", which begins "Goe and catch a falling starre, get with child a mandrake root, tell me where all past yeares are, or who cleft the Divels foot". A series of unlikely or impossible events, ending with the search for a person true and fair. Language made inclusive by the trading of "he's" and "she's" by the men and women at the end.
PDF: Perusal
VIDEO: Video Score
MP3: Pentamic Iambeter
M4A: Pentamic Iambeter
#0404 SATB, piano $2.25


5 minutes
A setting of the poem by D. H. Lawrence, requires a good pianist and conductor, with not-too-difficult choral parts that sound far harder than they are. Parts for solo voices.

Pie Jesu

2 minutes
Latin text, unison treble chorus with treble soloist. Piano or Organ accompaniment.

Prelude XXII / The Two April Mornings

3 minutes
Setting of a poem by William Wordsworth to a prelude by J. S. Bach from the Well-Tempered Clavier, with meaningless expressive syllables emphasizing and heightening the sad tale of a father's love for his dead daughter. The music can't be better and the poem is marvelous. The result of combining them??? Unusual, anyway, and a lot of fun to sing this kind of Bach.

Sea Love

1 1/2 minutes
Setting of a poem Charlotte Mew, beginning "Tide be runnin' the great world over".

Sea Fever

3 1/2 minutes
Setting of John Masefield's famous poem, "I must down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky, And all I ask is a tall ship, and a star to steer her by."
MP3: Sea Fever
M4A: Sea Fever
VIDEO: Video Score
PDF: Perusal
#0461 SATB a cappella $2.45

Soft! The Night So Deep

2 1/2 minutes
Shepherds' Carol with King Herod shouting in the middle. SSA or SATB, piano/organ or strings with optional flute and handbells.
MP3: Soft! The Night So Deep
M4A: Soft! The Night So Deep
VIDEO: Video Score

A Thought Went Up

SATB a cappela
3 minutes
Poem by Emily Dickinson
MP3: A Thought Went Up
M4A: A Thought Went Up
PDF: Perusal
#0599-2 SATB a cappella $2.25

Water, Water Everywhere

2 1/2 minutes
From the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, the sea farer becalmed in the doldrums.

Sea Song

2 1/2 minutes
Words from a Sea Chantey by Allan Cunningham. Editions for Chanticleer-style men's chorus or for SSATBB mixed chorus.
MP3: Sea Song
M4A: Sea Song
PDF: Perusal
#0626 SACTBB a cappella $3.15
#0636 SSATBB a cappella $3.15
works for women's or children's chorus

Great, Wide, Beautiful Wonderful World

SSA, Piano
4 1/2 - 5 minutes
Optional processional and closing repeat. Poem by William Brighty Rands.
H 0317 Great, Wide, Beautiful

Holy Holy

SA, a cappella
1 minute
Brief lovely introit or postlude for children's chorus. Original text paraphrase of Sanctus translation.

Love the Lord

3 minutes
Moving somber/sweet psalm paraphrase, "Love the Lord, who hath lifted my darkness...", leading to the dance of God's mercy and love. Vocal parts for children's chorus are challenging to sustain in music and rhythm but not difficult in range or pitch. SA, piano or string orchestra.

Lullaby for Christmas

3 minutes
Beautiful original manger song with a twist, comparing the tears of the baby Jesus to the tears of Mother Mary at the cross. Available SSA or SATB, with piano, organ, or strings.

O, Swallow, Swallow

2 1/2 minutes
SSA One of the loveliest of the Lovelife Dances. The only setting for female voices alone, with piano 4 hand accompaniment reduced to piano 2 hands.

Young Orpheus

SA, piano
3 minutes
An invocation of Orpheus by a child trying to bring a friend back to life.
works for men's chorus

The Grey Squirrel

2 minutes
TTBB pre-World War I ironic poetry: the squirrel, who is "not all he should be", and the keeper, who is a Christian and loves his enemy, which shows the squirrel is not one of those.


2 1/2 minutes
Meditative Latin setting for men's chorus a cappella. Sustained lines, slow changing harmonies, and a celestial tenor melody on top. Alternate setting for choir of men and boys includes a part for cambiata (changing voice).

Weep, Weep Ye Woodmen

TB, piano
3 minutes
An easy men's chorus. Setting of an anonymous poem from around 1598, attributed to Munday, and telling of the death of Robin Hood.

Why Hast Thou Dealt Ill With Thy Servant

Unison Baritone or TTB, Piano
3 minutes
Moses seeking strength and perseverance and courage from God. Much unison, and very limited ranges, but effective and powerful.
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