Soft, O Soft


William Copper


Chorus SATB with Piano

Childrens' Chorus SAC with Piano

Another shepherd and manger carol with a lovely melody and independent piano accompaniment. Written to be sung naturally in perfect tuning, with piano part carefully written to avoid distorting the singers' pitch.

Choral score in PDF designed to be copied onto one sheet of tabloid sized paper, rehearsal recordings for each part, and a piano score in pdf all available for the children's choir edition. Because each such choral score has its own license text, it must be ordered directly from Hartenshield Music and not through your dealer. Please email if this causes problems.

The Children's choir version is scored for Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, and Cambiata (tenor clef), but may be sung by SSA choirs as well. Duration 3 minutes.

	"Soft, o soft, the night so deep, so still",
		 Silent the shepherds watch from their hill.
	"The star is still shining on Bethlehem;"
		"Hush the baby is sleeping".

	"See, o see, yon bright and silent star",
		Wise kings told Herod, "we've come so far".
	"We follow the star and a manger seek",
		"Seek the baby there sleeping".

	"FIND THAT BABY NOW!", King Herod said,
		"Find him and end it all now", he said.
	"Go, and bring me that baby boy",
		"His infant kingdom is ending".

	Wise men ride along the starlit way,
		Finding the manger at break of day.
	"We bring our gifts to the newborn king".
		Hush, the angels are singing. 

Copyright 2013 William P. Copper

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Copyright 2013 William P. Copper

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