Love the Lord


William Copper

Chorus SA with String Orchestra or Piano


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Love the Lord is a beautiful treble anthem / art song with full string accompaniment. Duration 3 minutes, moderately difficult. Love the Lord may also be sung with the effective original piano accompaniment.

Love the Lord, who hath lifted my darkness, who hath seen in my heart. 

When you are alone, with sorrows all surrounded, 
the earth is like a cold gray prison, isn't it? 

Every pleasure tastes like ashes; 
    Every comfort like a stone. 
Heart's not worth its ribcage spashes
    When it beats alone. 

But Lord, dear Lord: when I call on the name of the Lord, 
the world is warmer, and the music starts playing again,
      and Your mercy invites me to dance. 

Praise the Lord, who hath seen in my heart, who hath saved me through love. 

Copyright 2001 William P. Copper

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