Weep, Weep Ye Woodmen


William Copper


Chorus TB, Piano


A setting of an anonymous English Renaissance poem, attributed to Munday ca 1598, about the death of Robin Hood. For men's chorus, Tenor and Bass (Baritone range).

By the composer of Lovelife Dances

      Weep, weep ye woodmen, wail,
      Your hands with sorrow wring:
      Your master Robin Hood is dead. 
      Therefore sigh, sigh as you sing.
      Here lie his primer and his beads,
      His bent bow, and his arrows keen,
      His good sword and his holy cross,
      Now cast on flowers fresh and green.
      And, as they fall, shed tears 
      and say wella, welladay.
      Thus cast ye flowers and sing
      and on to Wakefield take your way.

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Copyright 2002 William P. Copper

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