O Magnum Mysterium


William Copper


Chorus SATB with Chamber Orchestra

Chorus SATB with Piano

Chorus SATB a cappella


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Polyphony in an almost renaissance style, but with harmonic freedom to reach a modern dissonant exultant ending. Illustrates how many of the principles of older music can be made to work in new music, even the notion of "Tempus Perfectus", where the music moves faster in a triple meter. Orchestra or piano accompaniment quite independent from the vocal parts; probably an easier piece with accompaniment than a cappella. Duration 4 minutes accompanied, about 3 3/4 minutes unaccompanied.

By the composer of Lovelife Dances and Magnificat

    O magnum mysterium et admirabile sacramentum    
    ut animalia viderent Dominum natum                
    jacentem in praesepio.

    Beata virgo cujus viscera                
    meruerunt portare Dominum Christum.

       Literal translation:
           O great mystery and admirable [wonderful] sacrament 
           That animals see the Lord born 
           Lying in a manger.
           Blessed virgin whose viscera  [womb]
           Were [was] worthy to bear Lord Christ. 

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O Magnum Mysterium
Chorus SATB Piano $1.85
HGI #0584 Copper/
O Magnum Mysterium
Chorus SATB Orchestra $12.50
#0586 Vocal Score
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#0584 Orchestral Score
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HGI #0384 Copper/
O Magnum Mysterium
Chorus a cappella $1.75
#0384 A cappella Score
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Orchestra parts on request.

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