Oh No, We Never Mention Him/Her


William Copper


Chorus SSA, Piano 4 Hands


Oh No, We Never Mention Him is three part (SSA) with no division and optional solo (S,S,A) sections. The original early 19th century poem used "Him" but the song may be programmed and sung as "Oh No, We Never Mention Her" just as well.

By the composer of Lovelife Dances

12. Oh No, We Never Mention Him/Her by Thomas Haynes Bayley (1797-1839)
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Oh, no!  We never mention him/her, his/her name is never heard;
My lips are now forbid to speak that once familiar word 
From sport to sport they hurry me, to banish my regret. 
And when they win a smile from me, they think that I forget.

They bid me seek in change of scene the charms that others see,
But were I in a foreign land, they'd find no change in me.
'Tis true that I behold no more the valley where we met,
I do not see the hawthorn tree, but how could I forget? 

For oh! there are so many things recall the past to me,
The breeze upon the sunny hills, the billows of the sea,
The rosy tint that decks the sky before the sun is set;
Ay every leaf I look upon forbids me to forget.

They tell me s/he is happy now, the gayest of the gay;
They hint that s/he forgets me too, -- but I heed not what they say
perhaps like me s/he struggles with each feeling of regret:
But if s/he loves as I have loved, s/he never can forget.

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Copyright 2002 William P. Copper

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