The Love of a Soldier and a Marble Heart


William Copper


Chorus SATB, Piano


Two humorous songs from New Lovelife Dances.

By the composer of Lovelife Dances

9. I Stood and Saw My Mistress Dance by James Shirley (1596-1666)
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I stood and saw my mistress dance,
  Silent, and with so fixed an eye,
Some might suppose me in a trance.
  But being asked why? 
By one that knew I was in love,
  I could not but impart
My wonder, to behold her move 
  So nimbly with a marble heart. 
8. Ask Me No Reason Why I Love You by William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

(From the Merry Wives of Windsor)
Ask me no reason why I love you.
For though love use reason for his precision,
He admits him not for his counselor.

You are not young, no more am I. 
Go to, then there's sympathy.  
You are merry, so am I.  
Ha, ha, there's more sympathy!
You love sack.  So do I.  
Would you desire better sympathy?
Let it suffice thee, Mistress Page,
(If the love of a soldier can suffice)
That I love thee. 

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Copyright 2002 William P. Copper

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