English Romantic Poems


William Copper


Chorus SATB, Piano


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By the composer of Lovelife Dances

Taken from the Lovelife Dances, with the 4-hand piano part reduced to 2 hands. Two poems of the English romantic period, "Oh, Swallow, Swallow", by Tennyson, set for Chorus SSA and piano, and "Stay Yet Awhile", from Adonais by Shelley, set for Chorus TTBB and piano. See the list of choral works, and a Start-Here introduction to choral works by William Copper.

English Romantic Poems
Oh, Swallow, Swallow

1.  Oh, Swallow, Swallow, flying, flying South, 
    Fly to her, and fall upon her gilded eaves,
    And tell her, tell her, what I tell to thee. 

2.  O tell here, Swallow, thou that knowest each,
    That bright and fierce and fickle is the South,
    And dark and true and tender is the North. 

4.  O were I thou that she might take me in,
    And lay me on her bosom, and her heart 
    Would rock the snowy cradle till I died.  

        Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Stay Yet Awhile

(excerpts from Adonais, an Elegy on the Death of John Keats) 
    Stay yet awhile, speak to me once again,
    Kiss me so long but as a kiss may last.
    Stay, speak again, in my heartless breast 
    And burning brain that word, that kiss shall 
    All thoughts else survive 
    With food of saddest memory kept alive,
    Now thou art dead, as if were a part of thee, Adonais.  
    I would give all I am to be as now thou art.

        Percy Bysshe Shelley

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